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Le Calligramme

Patterson Associates,

with Paul Baragwanath and Suzanne Turley


Patterson Associates, Architect, Tom Dobson, Architectural graduate, Paul Baragwanath, Culture and Art adviser, and Suzanne Turley, landscape Architect designed “Le Calligramme”, a soft sound sculpture set in to a table and pillar constructed from French lime stone.
Described as looking at the past to the future, it is intended as a ‘’gift of shared memory’’ to celebrate the two countries enduring collaboration and deep fraternity. The Architects describe its experience as “ephemeral language and permanent materiality combining to provoke beauty for people in a spatial, temporal and emotional engagement .”
"Le Calligramme" won the architectural competition for the French memorial at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, the results of which were announced by French Ambassador Florence Jeanblanc-Risler during the New Zealand Architecture Awards on 11 November 2016.
Credits: Patterson Associates Ltd
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