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Please find below questions submitted by registered competitors and the related answers, made publicly available.

Question 1

 Evaluation criteria mentioned are:  the expertise, experience, qualification and financial soundness of the company etc.

 1.     How do you anticipate we will be able to answer the evaluation criteria in Stage 1 without revealing the identity of the entrant? 

Answer: for stage 1, entrants should be able to demonstrate experience, expertise and qualification by providing information on past projects of a suitable size and scope, without disclosing their exact location or client. Financial soundness will only be considered at stage 2.


2.     Is the above criteria to form part of the 4 x A4 pages required or is it in addition to those pages?

Answer: yes, this information must be included in the 4 x A4 pages.

Question 2

1. We understand that the construction budget is $570 000.00. And this includes GST and includes Engineering Assessment.

Does it include Consultant Fees?

Answer: As per the Design Competition Brief, Section 3.10, Scope of the Contract Prize, the final construction cost of the memorial is expected to be no more than NZD $570,000 (including GST), and must include engineering and other necessary sub-consultancy.


2. The Evaluation criteria states - clear and sound budgeting for the proposal, minimising any risk of overspending.

Are you expecting a Cost Estimate of the Concept Design as part of the Competition Submission?

Answer: As As per the Design Competition Brief, Section 3.8, Lodging Submission, the Stage 1 entry must include an indicative budget for the project.

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